Health Services

Our main goal is to have our customers feeling as healthy as they can! At our pharmacy, our staff are always on hand to answer any health related questions you may have. We also have a consultation room where we can discuss any concerns in privacy. To avail of this, simply let a member of staff know. We treat all our clients with complete confidentiality.

Baby Care

We offer a full range of baby care products, from nappies and wipes to bottles and accessories. Our entire range is completely tested and proven to be safe for your baby, with top brands like Avent. Call into one of our stores to see our range.

Baby Care

Health Check - We offer a range of health services:

  • Blood pressure

  • Weight

  • Ostomy Supplies

  • Nebulisers

  • Compression Socks / Hosiery

  • First Aid Supplies

  • Emergency Contraception

  • Flu Vaccine

Weight Loss


Lipotrim is a food replacement programme designed to help lose weight quickly, while providing you with the nutrition you need.

It has been proven to work and is a safe method. Once you have signed up, you will attend weekly so we can take measurements and assess your progress.

As with any weight loss programme, we will need to assess you and ask a few routine questions to ensure that you are suitable for this programme. We treat all our clients with the strictest of confidence.